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C.C.B. School of Atlanta offers an established library containing a wide variety of printed material which serves to support and enhance the programs of study offered by the school and the overall educational needs of its students and faculty.  Furthermore, the library goes beyond its printed resources through its electronic counterpart, highlighted in the computer lab section.  This electronic expansion of the library greatly increases the size and depth of the library’s resources, offering students a more complete system to use and benefit from.

The library is also equipped to accommodate the students beyond just a center for information. It provides seating and desks for those seeking a quiet area to study and do their work.  Seating and desk arrangements also allow, if permissible, a group meeting area for coursework involving multiple people.


C.C.B. School of Atlanta allows access to the rapidly increasing technological resources currently available through its computer lab.  Up-to-date personal desktops are accessible for use by the students and faculty, complete with internet access.  However, internet access is not limited to just the computer lab: C.C.B. offers a wireless network to which the students or faculty can log on to and gain access from anywhere within its campus.

Each computer also has programs installed to assist with the coursework and other needs of the students and faculty.  Standard programs such as Microsoft Office are available for use at each computer to help complete any assignments.  Other programs which may be supplementary and/or required for various courses within C.C.B.’s programs of study are also installed on the computers.

Printers and copiers are also available.


C.C.B. School of Atlanta recognizes the importance of the social aspects of one’s academic career, as well as in their overall daily lives.  With this in mind, a separate cafeteria has been established in order to allow an area for both students and faculty to gather together and interact.  Whether it serves as a place to eat meals, a casual meeting place between friends or a meet and greet opportunity for new acquaintances, the cafeteria is a social networking area within C.C.B. that allows direct personal interactions between students and teachers alike.


We have over 14 classrooms all equipped with resources and equipment to facilitate English learning.