Associate Degree Program

Associate of Arts in Business Administration

C.C.B. School of Atlanta offers an Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Business Administration degree which prepares those who complete this program of study with the foundation of business administration principles and knowledge of related professional fields.  The A.A. – B.A. degree serves as a terminal degree program, allowing graduates to have the skills to enter directly into their professional careers upon completion.  However, the courses are also based on foundations of higher degree programs, such as the Bachelor of Arts or Science in Business Administration.

Courses will familiarize the student with all the essential components of a business, including accounting, marketing, and management areas. They will further develop the skills needed to perform effectively in those areas, allowing graduates to have the business knowledge and analytic tools useful in pursuing a career in business.  The course curriculum also provides a well-rounded liberal arts background which consists of fundamental courses in math, English, science, humanities, and social science to develop critical thinking and overall basic skills crucial to any working professional.

The Associate of Arts in Business Administration program consists of sixty (60) credit hours, divided between general requirement courses, core business courses, and electives.

Please note: This program is not available for international students (F-1) at this moment.  Please refer to the C.C.B. IEP and TOEFL program if you are looking to apply as an F-1 student.