TOEFL Program

Whether you are an intermediate English speaker, or an expert, most American colleges and universities require international students to complete the TOEFL exam and meet a minimum score established by the school. Even if you have extensive knowledge of the English language, there are particular skills needed to achieve a satisfactory score, such as the ability to write a well-organized five-paragraph essay, or giving a detailed explanation of an idea orally in under a minute. Our extensive TOEFL preparatory program addresses all skills needed and illuminates all question types on the test, so that students feel comfortable and prepared on test day.

The TOEFL prep program consists of four courses which comprise an intermediate and an advanced track; any student who places in the intermediate levels of our school placement test (or higher) or is already enrolled in C.C.B.’s Intensive English Program (intermediate or higher) is eligible to enroll directly in the program. Depending on the results of the level placement and needs of the learner, the student might take just one of the courses or complete all four classes.


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