Transfer Students

Transfer Students


Program Requirements

  • Applicants must have completed their high school education and be at least 17 years of age by the start of the program. Additionally, applicants must have a basic understanding of the English language.


Step 1: Download our application

  • Download a copy of our application form on
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Submit the completed application by email to or by fax to 678-349-2907 or drop off at 3545 Peachtree Industrial Blvd Suite 4 Duluth, GA 30096.

*Please note that transfer students must begin their studies at C.C.B. at the first available start date after applying. During the application and transfer process, it is important for the student to communicate with both the current and new school to ensure that all transfer requirements are met. It is the student’s responsibility to be sure that all timelines and requirements are met!*

Step 2: Gather supplemental documents

  • Photocopy of the Passport ID page for applicant and any dependents
    • Must clearly show picture, full name, birth date, and passport expiration date
  • Copy of I-94
  • Copy of F1 visa
  • Copy of current or most recent I-20
  • Official bank statement or bank verification letter
    • Must be less than 3 months old
    • Must be in English
    • Currency conversation to USD ($) is preferred
    • Must include the name of the owner of the funds
    • Must document a minimum balance of $5,000 US Dollars
    • Additional $1,000 USD is required for each dependent included on the I-20
  • Submit your documents by email to or by fax to 678-349-2907 or drop off at 3545 Peachtree Industrial Blvd Suite 4 Duluth, GA 30096.

Step 3: Make payment

  • Fees include: non-refundable $175 application fee, $20 placement test fee, $1390 tuition
  • Submit payment of $1,585 USD by cash, check, debit card, credit card, or wire transfer.
  • Complete the Card Authorization Form if paying by debit or credit card. (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover are accepted). There is a 3% service fee for credit cards.
  • Contact the school for account information if paying by wire transfer. There is a $30 fee for wire transfers.

Step 4: Receive acceptance letter

  • Once all documents have been received by the school and fees have been paid in full, we will issue the C.C.B. acceptance letter for the student.

Step 5: Complete transfer form

  • Download a copy of our transfer form on
  • Fill out the transfer form.
  • Submit the completed transfer form and C.C.B. acceptance letter to your current school.
  • Once has been confirmed that the student is admissible and eligible to transfer, the international advisor at the current school must release the student’s SEVIS record to C.C.B. Failure to complete the SEVIS transfer before the program start date will result in loss of admission.
  • Upon the release of the student’s record in SEVIS, the student will receive a new I-20 issued by C.C.B.


C.C.B. School of Atlanta is authorized by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to issue I-20s (Certificates of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status).

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